About Us

Modern Investor Relations, like communications itself, is a mercurial industry adapting to an ever-changing landscape rife with new streams of media, greater efficiency in breadth of contact, and a market full of good ideas competing for the investor’s attention.

But despite these ambient changes, a few time-tested values persist that are integral components to any effective Investor Relations campaign; a clear understanding of the client’s financial strength and business model coupled with strong writing and strong relationships that effectively disseminate the client’s business model and potential. And it must be all of these working in concert or the client’s message will be lost in the cacophony.

Our campaigns are built upon the fundamental acceptance that a clear understanding of the client’s prospects interwoven with strong writing… crafting a message that resonates with investors and the media… is critical to culling and keeping interest. We believe that the effective conveyance of a properly constructed message to an appropriate audience repetitively and over time will yield results. It’s the foundation of any advertising and the quality copy we craft makes this happen more quickly and with greater traction. It’s what we do best.

And while we’re engaged in eloquent and effective communication we shun the hype and tout garbage far too common in the small cap arena. We accomplish our lofty goals without spam emails, shady social media posts, call rooms, or paid analyst ‘buy recommendations.’ If you’re looking for hit-and-run liquidity events, kindly turn elsewhere.

We have built a reputation for increasing visibility in the financial media, for treating shareholders with respect, and for helping our clients ethically achieve their long term objectives. Contact us to set up a personal conversation to explore the opportunities to create tremendous exposure in the institutional and retail communities.